Why Installing Automatic Doors By Yourself Is A Bad Idea

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Accessibility is a big concern when you run a business that’s open to the public. To ensure all your clients and customers feel welcome and are not inconvenienced in any way, you need to ensure your entryways and exits offer sufficient space to people and are easy to use. 

If you’re considering upgrading your doors to automatic ones to improve accessibility to your store, restaurant, clinic, or hotel, it’s essential that you consult a professional to help you with the installation. In an attempt to save money and get the job done quickly, many people consider hiring a general handyman or decide to do the job themselves.

Unfortunately, if you are not experienced with automatic door installations, the DIY approach can cause severe mishaps. To give you an idea of what could go wrong without proper training or complete knowledge of the job, the experts at BBG BC have put together three reasons to showcase why installing automatic doors by yourself is a bad idea.

1. Safety hazards
Automatic doors can be potentially dangerous to install. If something goes wrong with the sensors, or the correct procedures have not been addressed, these doors can close when people are walking through. As a result, this can cause injury to individuals and damage to property.

2. Financial implications
If you don’t have experience and the right training to install automatic doors, you could make several mistakes that increase your costs. For starters, you could take incorrect measurements for the elements you need to install the doors. If these elements don’t meet your outlet’s requirements and your supplier doesn’t take them back, your costs will increase. Similarly, If you mishandle specific components of your automatic doors, you could bend or break them.

3. Trouble with the law and your insurance company
In case the automatic doors on your property cause injury to visitors, guests, clients, or customers, you could get sued. To install automatic doors, an installer must have an AAADM (American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers) certification. If your doors are installed by a person without this certification, you could face some severe trouble with the law. At the same time, damages caused by doors installed by non-professionals will not be covered by your insurance company.

Do things right - Hire a professional
To avoid facing the challenges mentioned above, it’s vital to work with an experienced professional who possesses the necessary training and skills to install automatic doors. You can verify their authenticity by asking to see their AAADM certificate and references from previous clients.

A genuine installer will also have networking installation skills and will meet the Canadian Standards like the AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) code. This will ensure that your doors are not only safe but also easy for all types of people to use, including disabled people. Moreover, professional installations, along with automatic doors, cost approximately $3000 to $5000, which is an affordable price range.

If you’d like to hire experienced automatic door installers for your home or commercial space, reach out to BBG BC. We are an automatic door company in Richmond, BC, and we specialize in automatic door system installation, maintenance, and repair services. We also design and supply all types of automatic doors. We have contacts with major automatic door manufacturers and possess extensive industry expertise, both of which allow us to service and maintain all automatic door operators in the market along with manual doors and access control systems.

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