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Club 16 provides cross-training tips for Sun Run participants

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If you’re not outside running, what kind of exercises can you do to help you prepare for the Vancouver Sun Run? We asked Alexander Klocek, fitness manager at Club 16 Trevor Linden Fitness in Coquitlam, to provide some suggestions on what you can do if you’re working out in a gym.

What kind of cross training can I do as a runner?

Any cross training that targets resistance training focused on the lower body is going to benefit a runner. Building muscle to support the ankle, knee, and hip joints is crucial for endurance in long distance running. It also decreases the potential damage to ligaments tendons, and cartilage.

For best results, we recommend a circuit style workout which includes some training to increase cardiovascular capacity for the long-distance run. Working with free weights, kettlebells, and machines is a great start for resistance training.

How does cross-training help me run faster?

It helps by increasing the muscular strength and endurance of the lower body which increases the cardiovascular capacity and delivery of oxygen to the muscles. The more oxygen that goes into muscles, the slower the fatigue. This allows a runner to increase the speed of the pace and sustain it longer.

Can exercise in the gym make my knees/hips/ankles stronger?

Yes. Working on functional movement patterns which include squatting, hinging, pulling pushing, rotation, gait, and lunging, improves the biomechanics of the movements which decreases the forces on the joints by running. The increase in muscle size provides extra support for the joints which further decreases the chance of injury.

Alexander Klocek, fitness manager, Club 16 Trevor Linden Fitness Coquitlam.


For a runner, what’s better: swimming or lifting weights? Why?

Generally speaking for running, weight training is a much more beneficial form of cross training. With swimming the VO2 max/cardiovascular capacity is largely different from that of running and will likely not cross over to increasing performance in running. It is largely an upper body dominant exercise and does not involve gait-like movements. Therefore, the transfer of ability of swimming to running is minimal. Lifting weights helps improve the specific muscles involved in running by increasing the strength, efficiency, and the cardiovascular capacity.

What kind of routine should I follow if I’m working out by myself in the gym?

If you do not know what kind of weight training you should be doing, we highly recommend getting a personal trainer to guide you through a proper workout for your body.

Everyone has a different body and different imbalances that may need to be addressed before you start weight training. This begins with working on functional movement patterns and focusing on the lower body. Types of exercises you can expect include squatting, hinging, lunging, step ups, leg presses, and hamstring curls.

The training format largely depends on the level of the client. Generally, one or two exercises in a row targeting opposite muscle groups would be a great start. If the client is a little more advanced, mixing this in with a short burst of cardiovascular activity such as a run, aerobic steppers, and side shuffles would be a great way to challenge the runner. You would want to minimally train lower body at least 1x a week and upper body to strengthen the core 1x a week as well.

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Vigil held for man killed one year ago outside Granville Street club

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The Cabana Lounge, in the 1100-block of Granville Street, where 23-year-old employee Kris Thind died after trying to break up a fight on Jan. 27, 2018.

Gerry Kahrmann / PNG

One year after Kalwinder Thind died outside his workplace “trying to do the right thing,” his family is still searching for answers and justice.

Thind, a 23-year-old nightclub promoter at the Cabana Lounge on the Granville Strip, was stabbed after intervening in a fight outside the club at around 2:30 a.m. on Jan. 27, 2018. He died in hospital.

There have been no charges or arrests in Thind’s unsolved murder, despite the incident happening in front of dozens of witnesses, his family said.

“We want someone to come forward. We want justice,” said brother-in-law Simran Bhullar on Sunday, as the family prepares for a candlelight vigil outside the club to mark the first anniversary of Thind’s death.

“We want people to know we are not going to go away. There’s a lot of support and love for our brother, and we want everyone to know that.”

Kalwinder Thind, 23, an employee of the Cabana Lounge in Downtown Vancouver, was killed after he tried to break up a fight outside the club.

Shay Stone/Richmond Chrysler /


Vancouver police say the investigation is ongoing and remains a priority.

Thind, also known as Kris to his friends and Kindie to his family, previously worked at Richmond Chrysler and as a bouncer at another club.

He was less than a month into his new job at Cabana when an alcohol-fuelled fight between two groups turned deadly after someone brandished a knife.

Tension was already brewing between the two groups inside the club, said police at the time. When the fight broke out, a friend told Thind not to get involved, said Bhullar, but Thind wasn’t one to walk away from his principles.

“He always tried to do the right thing — that was something he was about. He was a black belt, he was built, he knew how to handle himself, and he told the friend, ‘If I don’t go out there and do something, someone might die,’ ” said Bhullar.

Friends and family gathered at a candlelight memorial for Kalwinder Thind on the Granville Strip four days after his death.

Gerry Kahrmann /


Thind’s death has left his family devastated.

“The last year has been brutal, just having one of our core being taken away,” said Bhullar, describing Thind, the youngest of three siblings, as full of life, energy and laughter.

Thind’s death sparked calls for improved safety measures along the downtown entertainment district, including late-night access to transit and the installation of security cameras.

Kalwinder Thind’s sisters Sabreena Khosa, left, Jassicka Bhullar and brother-in-law Simran Bhullar speak to Vancouver city council Feb. 21, 2018, about installing closed-circuit cameras in the city’s downtown entertainment district.

Francis Georgian /


Last spring, BarWatch, a safety advocacy group for bars and nightclubs, implemented a new code of conduct that includes a lifetime ban from all BarWatch establishments for anyone charged with a violent offence and found to be in possession of a knife or weapon inside or outside of its clubs.

Vancouver council, however, ultimately rejected installing CCTV cameras along the Strip because of concerns over cost, privacy requirements and effectiveness in preventing crime.

Bhuller said the family believes cameras can make the Strip safer, comparing it with cameras on SkyTrain or buses.

“We don’t want to see this happen to anyone else,” he said.

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